Concrete Waterproofing Admixture
Concrete Class Upgrading admixtures KALMATRON® are accelerators of cement hydration.         
“For a cement particle…the depth of hydration is 4 µm at 28 days and 8 µm after a year. 
Full hydration has only  been obtained by grinding cement in water continuously for 5 days.”[1] 

Unaccomplished cement hydration causes immaturity of concrete structure depending on purity of environment. Therefore, the speed of cement hydration is major factor of concrete durability.           

KALMATRON® admixture reduces the size of cement particles by decay-hydration from 100 µm to 
10 µm during the first 20 minutes. Complete hydration can be observed during hardening hours with augmentable water. [2] 

[1] Properties of Concrete , § 14 Portland cement, A. M. Neville,   1993 Third Edition  

                                                                 "Green Concrete is an inert building material that is passive to the targeted environment. It doesn't emit products 

                                                                        of hydration and do not absorb environmental medium. Therefore, Green Concrete is not an excuse to utilize 

                                                                        incinerated industrial waste without responsibility for the structural values and targeted durability.

   Properties of Green Concrete has a resemblance of natural rock created  
   by volcano heat and tectonic pressure to form an accomplished isotropic       structure performing its strength, impermeability, and resistance 
   to corrosion for hundreds of years. .

     Green Concrete is an inert to the aggressive environments because of the 
     cement rock forming process ends during of concrete hardening 
     time by accomplished cement hydration. There is no "food" for corrosion.

   Green Concrete is passive to the targeted environment because it penetrable 
   on a depth of initial concrete sorption ability. Saturated concrete surface has 
   the same concentration of impurities as environment does. That's why deeper
   diffusion of any gases or/and liquids into the concrete is impossible. 
This property propagated KALMATRON® admixtures for advanced replacements of HYDRO ISOLATIONSSILICA FUMEMICROCEMENTS, etc. by stable batch performance by four ways: 

________1. As a Water Reducer during of mixing, unloading and pumping time;

________2. As a Plasticizer during of transportation, handling and placement time;

________3. As a Shrinkage controlling and Curing Compounds during of setting time;

________4.  As a Strength gainer and Impermeability performing agents of hardening time.

              5. As a concrete class upgrading admixture from conventional batch up to Ultra 

                  High Performance Concrete.                                                      Click for More Information